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20 tutorial videos „Grow with your garden" for the use on the GARDENA Youtube Channel, the GARDENA Website and in their mobile App. Translated into 9 different languages.

Gardening is about passion for life in all its aspects. GARDENAs new campaign „PASSION FOR LIFE“ celebrates what all gardeners have in common, what connects them and what moves them - their passion to create and their pride for the work done.

That’s what the tutorial series „Grow with your garden“ is all about. With our authentic actor, a strong team, improvisation skills and intense engagement with the GARDENA products we managed to create a honest and appropriate tutorial series one likes to watch. We motivate, inspire and present the products in a unique way which will convey citypeople to skilled gardeners.


category tutorial videos

client GARDENA 

agency heimat wien / HMT Marketing GmbH

production company prettyafternoon

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