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Q1 is one of the classic austrian fashion houses. To expand their social media presence great content is a necessity. Besides the classic lookbook shooting prettyafternoon produced a series of fashion films for the SS18 collection. Moreover short video parts and images are reused as instagram mood clips. That is how we managed to produce creative social media content for up to half a year.

Who am I

Who am I questions the man you were, the man you became and the man you want to be. A constant self questioning with one simple answer: you are whoever you want to be. Change is a necessity and evolving the only way to grow constantly. 

Q1 offers the right uniform for you to become whoever you want to be.


category fashion video

client Q1 Manufaktur GmbH

production company prettyafternoon

FW18 flowers in the dust

SS18 who am I

SS18 where am I

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